Argotec Polierlösungen
Polishing compounds
The polyshine polishing compounds enables perfect, high gloss finishes with minimal effort. Available are coarse, middle, fine and single step compounds, an ultra fine compound for high gloss finishes and a sealing wax for quick and easy sealing of surfaces.
Polishing foam pads and wool pads
The high-quality polishing foam pads, natural lamb´s wool pads and micro-polishing-pads are perfectly suited for the use with the polyshine polishing compounds. Available are different sizes and versions.
The lighweight, durable and low vibration polisher ensure a fatigue-proof, efficient use. An ideal solution for the removing of sanding and compound swirl marks is the two-hand polisher with 10mm orbit. Available are pneumatic and electrical polisher.
High-quality accessories and supplementary products like the rimless micor-fibre cloth and the quick inspection control and cleaning liquid supplement the polishing product range.
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