Argotec GmbH
Argotec Sanding solutions
smirdex abrasives are characterized by very long lifetime, minimum clogging und high sanding performances. The abrasive range includes coated abrasives, foam abrasives and nonwoven abrasives. The high quality abrasives allow excellent results in coarse sanding, fine sanding and micro sanding.
Random orbital sanders
The lightweight, durable random orbital sanders was designed for professional needs. The ergonomic design and low vibration level allow a fatigue-proof, user friendly operation with maximum dust extraction. Especially designed to achieving perfect sanding resulsts on large surfaces are the two-hand orbital sanders. Available are sanders in different dimensions with central-vacuum dust extraction or non-vacuum.
Spot Repair sanders
The small sanders are especially designed for the spot repair. Small paint defects like dust inclusion and paint runs can be removed easily. The low weight and ergonomic design allow a fatigue-proof, user friendly operation.
Backing pads / interface pads
The precision balanced and durable backing pads are optimal for the random orbital sanders. The low vibration pads are designed for normal sanding and dust-free sanding. The multi-hole (15 holes) backing pad enables dust-free sanding and individual use.
For sanding of rounded surfaces and contours high-quality interfacace pads are available.
Hand sanding blocks
The ergonomically designed hand sanding blocks allow a fatigue-proof, user friendly operation. The hand sanding blocks can be used with sanding sheets as well as with sanding discs. For a dust-free sanding the blocks can be connected to dust extraction.